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Coloring Expert – a major update completed

An update of Coloring Expert has just been completed.


  • 400+ HD Images
  • Categories and complexity levels ready for kids and adults alike
  • Import your own coloring page feature for both photos and images you have from the internet
  • Less ads (banner only)
  • Free Trial for full app version (3 days)

Just search for “Coloring Expert” in your app store of choice.

Coloring Book “Import” feature

New feature is coming to both iOS and Android versions of my Coloring Book app. Now you can import any coloring book you do have. Works for coloring pages downloaded from the internet as well as your own lineart drawing and even with some photos of your lineart images.

Here is a sample to practice with (this image is free for personal use only):

hard_nature_01And here is a photo that also imports well 🙂



500 Coloring Pages review

Coloring is indeed a timeless activity with this amazingly fun Android app, 500 Coloring Pages! The game offers up to 500 coloring pages with varying popular coloring themes that you can enjoy with your family, your younger relatives or even when you’re out babysitting and needed something to let the kids have some fun! Adults can also find a sort of calm enjoyment with this game and it does bring you back to the time when you’re little and was having a great time coloring up pages after pages on your coloring book! Interested? Well, do read on!


500 Coloring Pages provides pages after pages of beautiful and adorable pictures that you can color. These pictures come from the many categories provided in the game, including cute animals, cool-looking cars, ferocious dinosaurs, fairy tales, working people, beautiful stained glasses, as well as the many special events in a year, such as Halloween, Easter and Christmas. These drawings are grouped into 3 difficulty settings, namely easy, medium and hard, so that you can easily select a drawing that is suitable for the person you’re coloring the pictures with. As the difficulty increases, the complexity of the pictures, which includes the details of the drawings, increases as well!


Not to mention, the app even offers you a palette of 126 different colors that you can choose from to color your pictures using the color picker. There is also a color dropper whereby you can use it to quickly select colors that you’ve used on the screen. This is a very useful tool for when you noticed that you’ve missed out a spot. Time does somehow go by very quickly when you’re coloring in 500 Coloring Pages!


The controls in this coloring app are also very simple to learn! You can zoom your picture in so you can color the smaller parts of the drawings better, and pinch the screen to zoom out. You can swipe the screen to move the picture around and there’s even an option for you to rotate your screen, so that you can see the full length of any of the vertically-sized drawings in the app. This nifty coloring app has everything you need to make your coloring sessions fun and engaging, that’s for sure!


When you’re done, you can tap on the camera icon at the very bottom of your menu to save your colored drawings to your gallery. From there, you can proudly share your or your kids’ works on your many social media sites!


However, there are some features that I believe the app could improve on. For instance, it would be great to switch the location of the undo button with the rotate button, since you’ll probably need to rotate just once at the beginning, but you’ll need to undo quite a lot, especially if you’re like me and have very clumsy fingers. A redo button would be great as well, just in case you accidentally undo-ed too much.


Furthermore, a pop up could also be implemented before you switch to a new drawing so that you’ll have to confirm discarding your current drawing for a new one. Accidents do happen and this is a nice way to prevent you from losing your progress.


In short, 500 Coloring Pages is definitely an app that is worth every dollar you spent on it. It offers you and the kids hours of fun and relaxing entertainment, and is a great way to spend time with the little young ones in the family. It also provides a very simple outlet for your creativity to show itself! So, get the app 500 Coloring Pages and rediscover your love for coloring today!