Say It Backwards app

My new app is available for both iOS and Android – its an easy concept that should make you laugh loud. It does one thing – 1) records your voice, song or whatever you point it at … and 2) plays it reversed. Surprise your friends with your backward speech skills – or just have fun reversing your names, or anything else. Your imagination is the limit here. Have fun!

Ah … and don’t forget to share it with others using the below set of buttons 🙂

Coloring Book update

Coloring Book just got its UI improved. On top of icons and screens redesign it now uses for color selection. Thanks Yukuku for great piece of code.

Clockwise – learn the clock app for both iOS and Android

180x120My new app is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

* Clockwise is your solution for learning how to tell time on an analogue clock.
* Play an easy exercise that will help you work out and understand time and clocks – just set the digital clock based on the analogue one. One easy task – rinse and repeat and you will know it all in a matter of few sessions with this app.
* There are two metrics tracked: overall success rate and a “continuity” measure that tracks how long you mange to keep answering correctly. If you reach continuity of 25+ it means you mastered it as there was a series of 25 correct answers in a row. You can then reset the score and pass it to your colleague :).
* If you want to check details on success rate just tap the percentage number and you will see how many attempts were made (as its easy to report 100% after a single success :)).

And the links are:




Welcome Corona, my new programming tool of choice – and Christmas Carols Piano app is ready!

So it happened. After various attempts to adapt myself to Game Maker Studio I decided to quit. I was unable to control all the code in 50+ places it ended up. I was going through pain of Global Variables.

And then – after a brief check on what else is on the market in that MultiPlatformDevelopment area I found Corona. I embraced Lua and from early November I am a happy Corona Pro user.

My first app already reached both Android and iOS.

Its a Christmas Carols App that will get you to a Piano Novice level by Christmas I hope.

Download if from:


Game Maker Studio – decimal separator issue

I am getting my feet wet with Game Maker Studio today. I miserably failed with the easiest of tasks: “Save a project. Restart the App. Load your project” … All the rooms I created (one actually) – was never loaded with an uninformative exception window. Luckily, when I tried to add just the room I learned that 10.5 is not a valid value. Of course its not as we use , (comma) as a decimal separator here in Poland.

While I failed to update Game Maker to accommodate for that change (seems it does not check regional settings and assumes a decimal separator is same globally) I managed to get things operational by making my Windows 8 machine to use . (dot) as the separator.

Lets see if I am used to , or I will manage this with a dot from now on.

PS. Sharing this as I failed to google for solution and hope others will find it so their time is not wasted.

Books are good! Do read a book :)

I was asked a while ago if there are any Android Programming books I would recommend.

Yes, there are Android Programming books I would recommend.

Two actually:

Now – I must admit that I have not yet seen a book that will teach you programming. It takes time, way more than reading a single book. Completing a Computer Science studies will surely help but is not a must. You just need to be prepared that after reading a single book you will still be very very far from the end. Possibly starting with some basic book like “thinking in Java” would be best option before you start with Android.


PS. Both book are possibly quite a lot outdated – yet if you manage to learn coding the 2.2 device … then 4.x or 5.x will not cause any problems. I like the way both Mario and Ed guide you through the subject – not the “academic style” but more of a “casual one” thats way easier to read.

Public Domain Art

In the spirit of sharing … Some of the visitors may not be aware of a great web site that hosts public domain clipart images. This is the real reason why you see lots, lots, lots of same images (‘my’ owl can be an example) in free apps across the world. Feel free to go there. It is way better than using an image you found somewhere.

Remember – its free only when the license allows – not if you found it via a google search 🙂

GWT – Google Web Toolkit

After a brief fascination with HTML5 and a quick realization I know too little JS to get through it I found GWT. It actually allows to write webapps in pure Java. Nice. Very nice. Making a port of my Android game (Flowers Photo Puzzle) was a matter of few hours. See results here. If time allows I will port some more.


coloring book on your desktop / laptop

I have just released a simple web app at: It is exactly what you would expect – a web based coloring book. Feel free to download and print the images for your personal use.

PS. Given all the domains in the internet seems to be booked now I decided to start a “no vowels” movement rather than trying to get a or one 🙂

hope you will like it. I will add more images there from time to time.