500 Coloring Pages Lite – Privacy Policy

In 500 Coloring Pages List we (playground) do not capture any information about our users. As there is no data captured on our end there is no processing nor storage as well. Please keep in mind that due to use of some third party libraries (e.g. Admob) and the way our application is delivered to you (e.g. Google Play) there may be some data captured by third parties.

Here is the list of third parties libraries or platforms we use:

  • Admob SDK by Google is used to serve ads – we use the most recent SDK (as of April 2018) and use relevant settings to let Google know this is a kids application (relevant flags in Google Play are set). In result of what Google captures should (I repeat should) adhere to relevant regulations (e.g. COOPA). Please review Google Privacy policies for more details.
  • The app is listed in some store (e.g. Google Play) – hence install and app usage can be tracked by the store operator as well. For that – please refer to relevant privacy policy.

PS. Here is the starting point you could use to read the Google Privacy policies – https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en