Books are good! Do read a book :)

I was asked a while ago if there are any Android Programming books I would recommend.

Yes, there are Android Programming books I would recommend.

Two actually:

Now – I must admit that I have not yet seen a book that will teach you programming. It takes time, way more than reading a single book. Completing a Computer Science studies will surely help but is not a must. You just need to be prepared that after reading a single book you will still be very very far from the end. Possibly starting with some basic book like “thinking in Java” would be best option before you start with Android.


PS. Both book are possibly quite a lot outdated – yet if you manage to learn coding the 2.2 device … then 4.x or 5.x will not cause any problems. I like the way both Mario and Ed guide you through the subject – not the “academic style” but more of a “casual one” thats way easier to read.