Programming android … you can do it :)

After you check one or two of my apps you will surely notice they are not developed by a proffesional software development studio.

Better description for “playground” would be a daddy who has moved from an iPhone to android device [HTC Desire] and found his kids screaming for apps they previously enjoyed on an iPhone so he has coded few.

How is it possible? Well – android development is easy for someone who has any programming experience. I bought a very good book which I recommend “Hello, Android (3rd edition): Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform” – Ed Burnette has done a great job – he takes you through all the areas – from simple GUI controls, through multitouch to widgets development. If you want to start android programming – his book should be the one you buy.

Having an option to buy a PDF and start reading it a minute after purchase is also important!

PS. when you encounter issues – best way to get them addressed is to enter the error message into google search box. if it does not help – should be the place you go next.