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Math Pairs Puzzle is a free app you can play together with your kids. Or your kids can play between themselves – on a single device, with real life interactions. This is way better to spend time together than on a single player session with a tablet. Just remember that when you play with kids its always good to let them win or tie with you from time to time. The objective is to improve their memory and cognitive skills not to prove your superiority 🙂

Say It Backwards app

My new app is available for both iOS and Android – its an easy concept that should make you laugh loud. It does one thing – 1) records your voice, song or whatever you point it at … and 2) plays it reversed. Surprise your friends with your backward speech skills – or just have fun reversing your names, or anything else. Your imagination is the limit here. Have fun!

Ah … and don’t forget to share it with others using the below set of buttons 🙂

Coloring Book update

Coloring Book just got its UI improved. On top of icons and screens redesign it now uses for color selection. Thanks Yukuku for great piece of code.

Clockwise – learn the clock app for both iOS and Android

180x120My new app is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

* Clockwise is your solution for learning how to tell time on an analogue clock.
* Play an easy exercise that will help you work out and understand time and clocks – just set the digital clock based on the analogue one. One easy task – rinse and repeat and you will know it all in a matter of few sessions with this app.
* There are two metrics tracked: overall success rate and a “continuity” measure that tracks how long you mange to keep answering correctly. If you reach continuity of 25+ it means you mastered it as there was a series of 25 correct answers in a row. You can then reset the score and pass it to your colleague :).
* If you want to check details on success rate just tap the percentage number and you will see how many attempts were made (as its easy to report 100% after a single success :)).

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